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Lingerie Fashion Articles

Lingerie Fashion Articles
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Welcome to Schamps Fantasy Wear where we will inform you of lingeire News, Articles, Fashions, Events, and os on.

Ten Tips for Shopping for Lingerie for Your Honeymoon

You have the venue, the perfect dress, and all the other perfect details that are sure to make you shine on your wedding day. But what about the wedding trousseau, and the important lingerie you must add, that is sure to make your honeymoon memorable. Here are ten tips when shopping for lingerie for your honeymoon.

Tip# 1
When looking for lingerie, try to take into account where you are going on your honeymoon and buy accordingly, but that still looks fabulous on you.

Tip #2
Since most couples are getting marrying later in life and are paying for their own weddings, before shopping for lingerie for your wedding trousseau make a budget, no matter what, stick with it.

Tip #3
Having a bridal shower? If you are than in all likelihood you will probably be getting lingerie as a gift. In this case, it is best to set up some guidelines, in terms of your personal taste. There is a fine line between sexy and trashy, and if your taste fall somewhere in the former category make sure to let your friends know.

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How should you wash your delicate lingerie? It shouldn't be a pain to take care of your delicacies. The best way to wash them in order to preserve their shape and delicacy is by hand. Keep them out of the washing machine! Fill your laundry sink or kitchen sink with cold water and gentle detergent. Shampoo and hand soap are acceptable, but some experts say do not use Woolite. Soak the items, then gently rub the soap through them by hand, making sure you get all of the stains and odors out. If the item is made of silk, lace or satin, use extra caution when rubbing so you won't pull the threads out or leave stress tears. Rinse with cold water, then blot items with a towel.
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I know what you must be thinking, yeah right! Your probably thinking I'm too fat or to old or not sexy enough to wear gorgeous undergarments? Well let's face it most of us are not super models and never will be. Beauty comes from the inside out. Looking good is a part of feeling good and with that comes confidence. A confident woman emits both strength, charm and sexuality, notice there is no mention of physical appearance! Sensual undergarments just naturally make a woman feel sexy, even if your the only one who know's your wearing it. It's like a naughty secret that only you know about, it will make you feel ultra feminine as well as seductive. Which in turn boosts your confidence as well as your ego.
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Now if you are like most men, you HATE shopping. My husband refuses to go closhes shopping for me. I have no idea why as I'm not very picky at all. *wink* Below you will find a great guide to buying the right kind of lingerie for that special woman in your life. There are lots of selections like baby dolls, cami sets, chemises, long gowns, and more! And if your woman is plus size there is plenty of lingerie for her. And we all love a sale don't we?
You know what is great about lingerie? You don't even have to have a special occasion to buy it for her! We gals just plain like gifts! You just can't go wrong! But, if you are the type man that needs a reason, there is a piece of lingerie for all the occasions in your diva's life. Lingerie makes perfect gift the perfect gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Honeymoon, and even Mother's Day! And, if you've done something that you need to apologize for, what better way to say it than with an I'm Sorry Honey Chemise. And if that's not her style, then there's plenty of other sexy items for you to make that apology with.
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